Sunday, January 20, 2013

Images and Words : Calender

My month for the calender is December . December 6th is Fatos' birthdayyyyy . Here are the Dec . 6 s on different calenders . Below right is the Baby Fatos to the Old Fatos of two years ago . :-))


  1. AHHA....are B'days are close...mine is the 1st....happy belated B'day, Fatos!

    Your calendar collage is pretty creative.....I must ask, was it your idea of Blackberry's? LOL

    thanks fpr stopping by< nice to see you again!

    1. that should read "OUR" B'days...not are...sheeeesh tuff getting old LOL

    2. Thank you Linda , it was Blackberry!s idea :-))

      'are' and 'our' sounds similar so I read it that way dont worry , nothing to do with the age :-))

      Happy belated birthday to you as well .

  2. Very well done Fatos. A terrific idea.

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  4. Fatos, the aim was to make a calendar with nice pictures of each member of the group.
    Have a look here:
    May I ask you to post a picture that represents December for you so that I can finish my calendar? Thanks a lot!